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Stria - Put steamed carrots until they are soft, grind and apply this paste on the area. Leave on for 30 minutes and clean with cold water. more.


Hoarseness - Mix honey with natural lemon juice in a small amount of warm water. Once fully dissolved honey, gargle four or five times a day. more.


Odors in the refrigerator - To remove these bad smell accumulated in our refrigerator, as resault of the feed mix. Put a pieze of coal inside the refrigerator, it will absorb all odors keeping our refrigerator free of odor. In 2 days you will note thw diference. more.


Peel cooked potatoes - Before you boil potatoes, make a very shallow cut around the potato to the medium such as drawing the perimeter of the pope. After boiled potatoes, take one potato from the container which boiled and put them in another bowl with ice water for 5 seconds, remove and squeeze a little bit the potato with both hands pulling the skin gently sideways. Repeat the process one by one. more.